Castel In Time 
2016 / 2017
Branding for Castle in time, Full range electro acoustic orchestra driven by both classic and modern disciplines, operating since late 2015.

May Fifteen
2016 / 2017
Visual identity for May Fifteen, a hand made jewelry and accessories brand, based in Tel-Aviv.

Paam Type face
Paam is a Hebrew typeface influenced by old Hebrew letters stamps.

Designed at Michal Sahar's typeface design course. Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

Letter Map
A demographic mapping of the three major cities in Israel by sector and by level of religiosity, through various representations of the Hebrew letter "Ayin" and its Arabic equivalent. Each letter presents a different social sector.

A project started as part of the Arnhem ArteEZ students exchange program and protracted at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.
A second hand sales platform that allows users to get rid of their old belongings, to see what items are posted by their neighbours and contact them directly to make a purchase.